2016 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG W222



AMG S63 Sedan has long been the benchmark-setter for the luxury class, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class continues as a front-runner in a category where price is almost secondary. Bristling with technology, it as fuel efficient and pleasant to drive as it is luxuriously comfortable.

Endless list of standard equipment this really is one of the most powerful & luxurious cars on the market with a $440k replacement cost this is surely the best value for money S63 available for sale today.

AMG’s Famous 5.5 LITRE TWIN TURBO PETROL ENGINE (430kW & 900Nm ) , AMG Exterior Styling , AMG Interior with Heating and Cooling Seats with Massage, Rear Electric Seats for superior passenger comfort, Electric Rear Blinds, Heads up Display, Interactive Dash with multiple functions and set ups, Burmeister Premium Sound and as for safety this has 8 Airbags, Control – Crash Avoidance with Braking (High spd), Control – Pedestrian Avoidance with Braking, Bonnet – Active Safety, Lane Departure Warning Lane Departure – with Passive Steer Assist, Alert/Warning – Collision Forward, Driver Attention Detection, Blind Spot Sensor, Blind Spot with Active Assist, Park Distance – Front, Park Distance – Rear, Parking Assistance – Graphical Display, Parking Assistance – Automated Steering, Camera – Front, Camera – Rear and Camera – Side just to name a few.

This really is the best of the best and right now value for money vs its replacement value is just insane.

Really must viewed and driven to be appreciated.