2010 Roaring Forties GT40



This 2010 Roaring Forties GT40 (Ford GT40) is an immaculately-finished replica which stays true to the original GT40 and presents with the all-important Gulf livery. Under the rear clamshell sits a naturally-aspirated 302 cubic inch (5.0-litre) V8 crate engine, sending power to the rear wheels. Power is routed through an Audi six-speed transaxle manual gearbox. Built to take on the likes of Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Ford GT40 was envisioned by Carroll Shelby and Henry Ford II as the ultimate, world-beating race car. Its namesake references its 40-inch height, while its sleek looks are designed to achieve the most efficient aerodynamic silhouette on the Mulsanne straight. Ford won Le Mans four consecutive times with the GT40, including a 1-2-3 finish on debut.

For those who aren’t familiar with the famous story, the blockbuster film Ford vs Ferrari depicts the iconic motorsport era. Roaring Forties was established in the 1990s to build road-going replicas of the iconic race car. The outfit is recognised as Australia’s premier GT40 recreation firm. This car represents a great opportunity to buy a quality, turn-key GT40 replica without having to go through the countless hours and costs of building one yourself. Painted in the most famous Ford GT40 livery of all, this car features a Gulf racing livery on the outside and specifies a black interior. The glass-reinforced plastic bodywork features a series of period correct stickers and the number “6” from the 1969 Le Mans-winning car

Inside, the cabin features remake holed seats with five-point racing harnesses as well as three-point seat belts. Amenities included with this car include air conditioning, reverse camera, and rear parking sensors. It rides on a set of recreation billet machined Halibrand Wine Glass wheels with tri-bar knock-off retainers. These come wrapped in Kumho tyres. This car was manufactured by Roaring Forties in Melbourne, Australia and was first road-registered for use in Adelaide. The car specifies a period correct 302ci V8 engine with Morrison throttle bodies.

It uses a Motec M800 engine management system, a recently-rebuilt Audi transaxle with a limited-slip differential, and a twin-pump fuel system with a polar valve. Fully adjustable coilovers are used at all four corners and Wilwood disc brakes are used throughout. Exterior condition is shown in immaculate order throughout. The Gulf livery is painted rather than a wrap and it shows no signs of imperfection or scratching. A high level of attention to detail is used to apply the stickers, though these can be removed if desired. Perspex windows show without deformity and scratching while the steel grille aspects are unmarked.



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