1980 Aston Martin V8 Volante 2dr MAN 3sp 5.4



Aston Martin’s first 8-cylinder convertible, the V8 Volante, made its long awaited appearance in June 1978, almost nine years after the launch of the DBS V8.

This particular model is a 1980 Model and has received a Manual Conversion.

This unique 1980 Volante undergone a ground up restoration during 2014-2017 after a dash fire in 1991 (4x,000 miles the other numbers were burnt but the 4 was clear. The odometer meter has been kept) Restored to a “drivers car” specification with close to X-Pack engine specification, full steel wings conversion (suspension, ignition, Tremac T5 Manual transmission conversion) and heated front seats, correct Avon tyres and high capacity radiator/thematic fans. Many photos of restoration: body, woodwork and upholstery by Joe Richelieu in California (car purchased in Melbourne, sent to LA), roof by Blackman Upholstery.

This Volante is painted in Celene Bronze, (the modern variant of the original colour that the Volante was first featured in the brochure at the time of release) with Magnolia Leather interior. This particular Volante was presented at Motorclassica Melbourne 2017, winner of the AMOCVic Concours d’Elegance DBS, AMV8, Virage “Best in class” 2017. True to Aston Martin’s tradition, this is a real luxury tourer, it offers great comfort, while being quite a versatile car to drive. This very smooth muscle car allows for relaxed driving, but simply pressing the gas pedal to the floor awakens the mighty 5.3L V8 engine, resulting in brisk performances and strong sensations!

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